It’s time to focus on you.

If you are ready to invest time into yourself and your business, start here. Let’s get you out of the hamster wheel and into a disiplined focus where you will reach your goals, monetize your business, and most importantly, have piece of mind.

I have the best job in the world helping other women-led businesses with their web design, video & small biz strategy. I also help moms transition back into their career and get their life back, so to speak. (Like I did mine.) My approach is simple, I help build strong, powerful brands by designing effective media strategies so women can grow their business and feel more fulfilled.

The Life Changer

10 Week Intensive: Weekly 30 minute Skype coaching calls with reasonable email access.

What do you want to change in your business?

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to create a more meaningful mission? How about a better work-life balance?

It all starts with you and brainstorming your goals, dreams and aspirations. We will prioritize what’s most important to you. My specialty is inspiring women to face their fears, jump out of their comfort zones and take action. You will be ready to learn effective and efficient processes to accomplish your goals and take you business to the next level. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader and your most loyal accountability partner.

These calls are value packed. You will receive worksheets and action steps to practice the information learned from our sessions. A special service I provide is a recording of each call. This service helps clients relax and not have to take notes. It provides auto-suggestion, accountability and detailed information that may be missed.

Why coach with Casey?  Listen in to find out!     >>>

Get Steady. Get Ready. Go!

Hey Goal Setters…

When I first started my biz I didn’t have anyone to turn to except cold, non-specific online content.
In the spirit of giving, till the end of 2016 I wanted to offer two FREE 20 minute calls to help you set your goals for 2017.

On these calls you’ll learn…
– How to set goals that will make you super efficient.
– How to Create a attainable Work-Life Balance
– Tips on how to monetize all that you do

We’ll get some coffee and sit over Skype and brainstorm everything about your business and together come up with a solid plan. It will be fun. Invest in yourself and join me!

Let’s Get That Rocket in Your Pocket and Make 2017 Your Year for Success!

  • Casey DeStefano has been one of the most inspirational and influential women I have ever met. Over the last few months she has taught me many lessons, business and personal, that I implement everyday. Casey has helped me gain the knowledge and the confidence I needed to attain my goals and beyond.  Her professional guidance & advice has advanced my career two-fold. I will always be grateful for the time and opportunity she has given me.

    Stephanie Banyacski
    Stephanie Banyacski
  • Casey has been a strong leader, mentor and motivator to me. Her career and lifestyle experience is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. I believe that Casey De Stefano embodies and exemplifies all the qualities that a entrepreneurial mother should possess. This girl has gumption.

    Gina Jones Roche
    Gina Jones Roche Production Coordinator & Mom, MOZART IN THE JUNGLE, Brooklyn NY
  • De Stefano Productions was professional and a pleasure to work with. Casey’s business coaching opened up the door to online marketing for us. We then hired her to shoot our commercial. Her creative portrayal of our restaurant made it so much more than just a place to eat. Casey’s team delivered above and beyond. It was a great experience for all involved.

    Marlaina Triola
    Marlaina Triola Restaurant Owner, New Jersey
  • Casey turns chaos into structure. She is awesome! Being a career mom and working in the TV industry wore me out. I thought I couldn’t do both anymore. Then Casey jumped in and coached me on how to attain a balance between work & motherhood. Now I work more efficiently in less time & I’m more present with my children.  With Casey, things have been working out much smoother than I ever thought could be possible. She is like the older wiser sister that I never had. Every working mom needs a Casey!

    Linda Wahlstrom
    Linda Wahlstrom Editor, Meter Television, Stockholm
  • I took Ms. DeStefano up on her offer of the free strategy sessions and I'm absolutely thrilled that I did!

    She kept me focused and asked me specific questions, which I found incredibly helpful.

    It was like having someone pull the thoughts out of my head and bullet point them for me.

    At the end of my session I had an actual to-do list of action items I could do immediately, with her full encouragement. She is a dynamo - organized, focused and fantastic.

    Something that really stood out for me, the value of which cannot be overstated, is how kind Casey is. Doing this work can bring up a lot of self-doubt, worry, and even embarrassment! Casey makes you feel safe enough to reach for the stars. She has been there, works with so many clients who have been there and she brings all that experience with her to the sessions and gets you to face fears, be bold, dream big and execute your vision.

    Kathy McCurdy Location Manager, Los Angeles CA
  • Being a busy mom, with a job, I thought I would never have the time to pursue my dream career. Casey believed in me and turned my life around.

    Since I started working with her, she motivated me to follow my path in a strategic and efficient way. Knowing what the market calls for, Casey inspired me to get my certification, hone my skills and make a profit. I'm happy to say that I sold the highest dollar amount in sales since our store opened. It has been the best investment I have made to date. Thanks Casey!

    Jill Vaccarella
    Jill Vaccarella Interior Designer
  • Casey empowered me to know that I can do anything I put my mind to. It's amazing how her brain works. She brought such clarity to my overwhelmed state of mind. She had the ability to take ALL of my challenging situations and turn them into a positive learning experiences that helped me grow as a person and in my business. She is skillful, efficient and honest. She treats her clients like family. Did I mention that contagious energy???

    Kim Rochelle
    Kim Rochelle The Mother's Connection, Boca Raton, Florida
  • I feel inspired and excited for my future. The sessions with Casey put my goals on paper and gave me the ability to wrap my head around what it will take to get the ball rolling. She was very clear and precise with the way to go about implementing and achieving my goals and dreams. She has a great plan-of-action that can make sense in any scenario.

    Casey provided many great techniques to help implement my goals, such as scheduling, finding an accountability partner, and how to balance work life with personal life. She stressed the importance of balancing both sides of goal-achievement; the creative side and the business side.

    With realistic, weekly goals that are congruent with my current work schedule, she prioritized my plan-of-action in efforts to best execute the process of obtaining and achieving said goals.

    I am so exciting to begin working on my goals and achieving my dreams through this incredibly helpful and effective advice.

    Thank you, Casey!"

    Eric Production Office Secretary, Wormwood
  • "I hit the coaching jackpot when I found Casey. I feel like there are a lot of "coaches" out there, but she is the real deal. Her passion for what she does comes flooding through the computer, and she's got the knowledge and experience to back it up. I can't believe how much she organized and focused my scattered thoughts, and in such a short time.

    I felt the most amazing sense of relief (and got a little teary) when I was speaking with her, and she dissipated MONTHS worth of frustration that I had just been living with. I'm so so so excited to jump into working on the plan she helped me lay out to reach my goals for 2017, and I actually know where to focus now. Brilliant."

    Jeanette Nyberg
    Jeanette Nyberg Craftwhack


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