Rock 2017 Local Mastermind


This Is For You If You Have Been in Business and…
* As your learning curve has advanced, you realize “Wow, there is so much to do, how do I fit it all in?”
* You’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused about what to prioritize
* You’ve been making sales and getting by, but you want to monetize on a higher level
* You want to learn what the most efficient way is to turn leads into sales
* You want to meet women who will become your referrals and influencers to help you grow your network



Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone!

The theme of this Mastermind will focus on business & personal growth
outside your comfort zone to achieve your monetary goals.

Acquiring Results Oriented Knowledge

Each week we’ll dive deep into relevant topics such as: “Start Thinking Bigger”, “Negotiating,”” Knowing Your Worth,”” Promoting Yourself,” “Leadership Roles, “Building Your Network”, “Knowing Your Core Message”, & “Dealing with Conflict.”

Sharing & Supporting:   Hot seats – For Members that need help solving weekly challenges.

Accountability:  At the end of each Mastermind we will communicate to the group a specific challenge/action/goal to work on each week and stay in touch via the Private Facebook Group.

Winning: Sharing your wins with the group so the group can be inspired and benefit too!

An example of the Mastermind night agenda:

  • Share last week’s success
  • This week’s Comfort Zone Crusher:  How to Start Thinking Bigger…
  • Hot Seat – Support/Sharing
  • Share goals for next week
  • Go and make it happen!


Mastermind Details:

Dates: Time and day of the Mastermind is flexible and will be determined by the group.

Start Date in April TBD by group

Space limited!

Register Below for the Upcoming MasterMind

Investment Only $75.00/month for 3 months

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The 10 Top Reasons to Join a Mastermind of Like-Minded Women

10) You’ll benefit from great advice/connections from other business owners.
9)   You will be surrounded by inspiring women that are supportive when times are tough.
8)   You’ll become super motivated by the group. Mothers, movers & motivators. We get it!
7)   You’ll make new friends.
6)   You will get referred by other members of the group to their network of people.
5)   You’ll get time to work “ON” your business instead of  in it.
4)   You’ll hold yourself accountable to accomplish goals set by the group.
3)   You will have 9 heads working on your own challenges to help come up with creative and efficient solutions.
2)   You can be like me, who made a profit in 3 months of over $14,000, from just one group member’s referral.
1)   Actionable tips, advice, connections, relationships, and tools on how to monetize your business to the next level.

Investment Only $75.00/month for 3 months


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