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Director/2nd Unit Director

Intimacy Coordinator

On the set of Nickelodeon's "Just for Kicks."


That's Me!

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On Directing:

“Casey has that “go-get” attitude like no one else.  I’ve hired Casey as a Director and 2nd Unit Director on multiple projects and she has never let me down. Casey has a passion for storytelling and empathy for the human condition. She knows how to make her day on budget while keeping talent and crew happy. Casey is a true professional and a class act. Glad she is coming back! She's genius!”

  • Sean McNamara, EP/Director Brookwell McNamara Entertainment

"Casey, you have the drive and ask all the right questions. We need your voice as an Italian American. We haven't heard enough from the female POV."

  • Marty Scorsese,  Acclaimed Writer/Producer/Director

On Intimacy Coordinating:

“Casey cares deeply for the people that she works with. She understands on-set dynamics better than anyone. Casey has always created a safe space for cast and crew and has exemplary organizational skills when it comes to industry guidelines. She is a pleasure to work with. A wonderful addition to any show.”

  • Gina Jones Roché, Production Supervisor


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The Amazing Race
What Not To Wear
3min+ marketing film


I.C.  Resume

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m: 203-807-6664
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